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Sebastian Berweck: extended piano


Benjamin Lang: ABDucensparese
 for grand piano (2001)
Michael Maierhof: splitting 16
 for piano (2002/2003)
James Saunders: #250904-r
 for piano, dictaphones, CD and e-bow (2004)
Thomas Wenk: Recordame
 for piano and cassetterecorder (1999)
Johannes Kreidler: Klavierstück 5
 for piano and tape (2005)

Ah, just one word: amazing!
Best concert of the festival so far for me. It was perfectly delivered.
Three words? Skilled, progressive, contemporary.
I don't know how to describe it. It's just so unusual, isn't it?
Publikumsreaktionen Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

...presents only very exciting compositions...
positionen 80 

HCR 2009
ASIN: B0037P159A
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Martin Schüttler: schöner leben 1 (music for K.C.)
 for counter tenor with electric piano, megaphone, amplifications, tapes, mask & handgun (2008)
Michael Maierhof: splitting 15
 for viola and tape (2006)
Maximilian Marcoll: Samstag Morgen - Berlin Neukölln. Studie. and Selbstportrait. Mit Hirsch.
 for piano and tapes (2007)
Martin Schüttler: schöner leben 5 ("Nix verstehen ist besser als gar nichts." - M.K.)
 for prepared viola with amplifications and tape (2007/2008)
Michael Maierhof: daily songs 2
 for voice, grand piano and coupled oscillations (2008)
Hannes Seidl: Box
 for viola, counter tenor, foley artist and electronics (2008)

Jessica Rona: Viola
Daniel Gloger: counter tenor
Sebastian Berweck: piano, controler, foley artist

naivsuper 2009
naivsuper 015
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Martin Schüttler: venus_5
 for piano and live-electronics (2002)
Michael Maierhof: splitting 2
 for violoncello(1999)
Hannes Seidl:Twisted Strip
 for zither (2002)
Nicolaus A. Huber: Disappearances
 for piano (1995)

Sebastian Berweck, piano and keyboards
Georg Glasl, Zither
Michael Moser, violoncello 

naivsuper 2006
naivsuper 005


MI (live): error_05/auto_face


MI: error_05/auto_face
für Ensemble, Internet und Videoprojektion (2005)

Live-Aufnahme vom 23. Mai 2005 im Westwerk. Hamburg

As idiosyncratic as a variation on a fiendish process of decomposition, this stinging improvisation was recorded live yet it sounds more like a studio cut-up in which past experiences and future dreams meet to chew the voices of regular instruments and throw them up, snippets of a reality that refuses to be observed from any angle whatsoever. Swantje Tessmann (violin), Sebastian Berweck (Nord Modular G2 synth), Eric Drescher (flutes) and John Eckhardt (acoustic bass) implement noise principles within their unquestionable technical proficiency by fragmenting the sonic scenery into a million of torrid crumbles of feedback and layering rheumatic fevers of teared up synthetic oscillations. The sturdy ostination applied by Trigger to disintegrate improvisational conventions is well represented by the sputtering profane lamentations of the strings, which amidst the volcanic fumes of Berweck's synthesizer assume the role of balancing forces in this finely (de)tuned reproduction of Sodom and Gomorrah.Touching Extremes
Massimo Ricci in Touching Extremes 

trigger - Ensemble für aktuelle Musik

Swantje Tessmann, violin

Sebastian Berweck, synthesizer

Erik Drescher, flutes

John Eckhardt, doublebass
 chmafu nochords 2005
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Martin Schüttler: Pelze & Restposten


Entnahme 1
 Electronic music
linked trips 
 for amplified ensemble
„Das Mitleid ist die Geißel der Menschheit, Sheriff.“ 
 for 4-channel-electronics and ghettoblaster
 for accordion and tape
Entnahme 2
 Electronic music
taped & low-bit 
 for prepared counter tenor and synthesizer
Entnahme 3
 Electronic music
 for oboe, percussion, piano, doublebass and live-electronics

Donatienne Michel-Dansac, soprano 
James Wood, conductor
Eva Zöllner, accordeon
Daniel Gloger, counter tenor 
Sebastian Berweck, synthesizer
suono mobile 
Christof M. Löser, conductor

Wergo 2009
WER 65752
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Hannes Seidl


Was mich angeht
 for four tenor trombones
The Art of Home Entertainment
 for violin, tenor saxophone, piano, percussion and tape
 for contrabass clarinet
Die Anderen – Jetzt Neu!
 for piano and tapes
 for violoncello and mixing console player

Composers Slide Quartett
ensemble intégrales
Theo Nabicht, contrabass clarinet
Sebastian Berweck, piano
Andreas Lindenbaum, violoncello

Wergo 2009
WER 65742
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Michael Maierhof: collection


 for violoncello, 4-channel tape and 2-channel video (2003/2004)
 for violin, violoncello and piano (2001)
 for oboe and tape (2001-2005)
 for piano (2002/2003)
 for ensemble (1998/1999)
 for prepared violoncello (1999) 

Michael Moser, violoncello
Elole Pianotrio
Christian Kemper, oboe
Sebastian Berweck, piano
Christof M. Löser, conductor

Durian 2006
Durian 025-2
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Manel Ribera Torres: El món d'Ulisses


Say thanks to Mr. Franz Joseph Beethozart
for piano (2006)
Trio (2007)
 for piano trio
Four crosswords
 for ensemble (2005)
Des toupies dans l'insinuation 
 for ensemble (2007)
El món d'Ulisses 
 for clarinet (2002)
Perquè encara no surti el sol (a Ferran Granja)
 for violin (2003)
Da Caccia 
 for violin (obra da juventut, revisió 2001)
La fi i el principe de la infantesa 
 for ensemble (2004)

Rosa M. Caparrós, clarinet
Sebastian Berweck, piano
Joan Plana Nadal, piano
Raul Garrido, violin
Trio Beckett
Ensemble Surplus
Ensemble Martinu
Ensemble L'Embut

nua/Ars harmonica 2008
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Sebastian Berweck: Taurus CT-600


Thomas Wenk: Taurus CT–600 
 for two cassette recorders (2002/2003)
Benjamin Lang: ABDucensparese 
 for grand piano (2001)
Michael Maierhof: splitting 16 
 for piano (2002/2003)
Andrew Digby: Evaporation 
 for piano (2002)
Beat Fehlmann: norm the things 
 for piano (2003)
Nicolaus A. Huber: Disappearances 
 for piano (1995)

Sebastian Berweck, piano and cassette recorders

CD-R, self-published 2004
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Sebastian Berweck: Now back to Daria


Thomas Wenk: Recordame 
 for piano and cassette recorder (1997)
Andreas Maier: Klavierstück C112XT16c1g13f43 
 for piano and hammer (2000)
Cornelius Schwehr: Do you know what it means to miss
 for piano (1982)
Martin Schüttler: venus_5 
 for piano and live-electronics  (2002)
John Cage: Concert for piano and orchestra (1957/58)
Heinrich Börsch–Supan: Folgen. Musik für Klavier 
 for piano (2001)
Alexander Grebtschenko: Now back to Daria
 for piano (2000)

Sebastian Berweck, piano, keyboards, hammer

CD-R, self-published 2002
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Sebastian Berweck: American Trance Music


Philip Glass: Two pages (1968)
Alvin Lucier: Music for piano and two slow sweep pure wave oscillators (1992)
Steve Reich: Pendulum Music (1968/1973)
Terry Riley: Piano Study #1 (1966)
Terry Riley: Piano Study #2 (1966)

Sebastian Berweck, piano, keyboards, programming

CD-R, self-published 2002
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Exchange: Latin America


works by Miguel del Aguila, Milton Estevez, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Orlando J. Garcia, Awilda Villarini, Carlos R. Carrillo, Jorge Liderman, Carlos Delgado and Miguel Chuaqui.

Composers Recordings, Inc. 2000
OCLC 44995468


Baynov-Piano-Ensemble: up to 8 pianos


George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
Sergej Rachmaninoff: Valse et Romance
Manuel de Falla:  "Danza ritual del fuego"
H. Benker: Drei Tänze
Albert Lavignac: Galop-Marche
L. Gautier: Le Secret
F. Hirtler: Heitere Variationen über ein schwäbisches Lied
"'Auf der schwäbschen Eisenbahn'"
Gioacchino Rossini: Overture to the opera 'Semiramide'

ARS-Produktion 1992
ISBN FCD 368 322
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Kulturmanagement konkret: An Anatomy of Arts Management


Birnkraut/Wolf (Hg.):
An Anatomy of Arts Management

Sebastian Berweck:
Was macht der Computer im Konzertsaal
A short story about the electronic in music.

Institut für Kulturkonzepte 2008, Hamburg
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wenn sonst nichts klappt: wiederholung wiederholen


Buchmann, Mayer, Meunier, Moos, Pick, Rapedius, Rindfleisch, Thomann, Tünschel (Hg.):
„wenn sonst nichts klappt: wiederholung wiederholen“
in art, pop, film, music, everyday life, theory and practice

Michael Maierhof: splitting 16 (2002)
for piano

material verlag (2005), material 206
ISBN 3-933557-63-1
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ars (in)humana?


Rautmann, Mahnkopf, Pagh-Paan (Hrsg.):
„ars (in)humana“

Mark André (*1964):...ALS... I (2001)
for clarinet, violoncello and piano 

Hauschild Verlag (2004)
ISBN: 389757246X