19.January.2021: Boten des Retrofuturismus - Das Synthesizertrio Lange//Berweck//Lorenz. A feature by Leonie Reineke Deutschlandfunk Kultur

26.-28.January2021: Production of Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Mikrofonie II" at Silent Green Berlin with PHØNIX16

20. - 23.February.2021: Production of Annesley Black's "Tolerance Stacks" at Südwestfunk Stuttgart

26.-28.March.2021: Video production for the Standford University with Ensemble Decoder and Heinrich Horwitz: New compositions by Chris Lortie, Davor Vincze and Julie Herndon

27./28.March.2021: As part of stock11 participation at Timepiece at Maerzmusik/Berliner Festspiele 

06.May.2021: Concept artist Blank White turned my Facebook page into art: Brilliant!

29.May.2021: Production of Sergej Maingardt's solo composition "It's Britney, bitch" at Deutschlandfunk Köln

06.-08.Juni.2021: Production with Lange//Berweck//Lorenz at WDR Köln for the feature "Open Sounds: techné"

01.July.2021: Lange//Berweck//Lorenz at Heroines of Sound festival at Radialsystem Berlin. Compositions by Daniela Fantechi (UA), Laura Mello, Johanna Beyer and Midori Kirano (UA)

03.-06.July.2021: Video production by Malte Giesen (premiere), Daniela Fantechi, Martin Lorenz (premiere) and Erel Korhan (premiere) with Lange//Berweck//Lorenz

16.July.2021: Biennale Zagreb with Ensemble Decoder: Compositions by Sarah Nemtsov, Marco Ciciliani and Leopold Hurt

31.July - 11.August.2021: Two workshops at Darmstädter Ferienkursen für Neue Musik: "Electroacoustic Performance Practice" and "Minimoog Project"

20.-26.August.2021: Production of piano solo piece by Sibylle Pomorin in Berlin

23.September.2021: Prepremiere of Sarah Nemtsov's "Roses for my Funeral" in Münster

02.October.2021: Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Mikrofonie II" with Ensemble PHØNIX16 at WDR Cologne. And a duo for hammond organ and synthesizer (premiere) by Dariya Mamarova

18.-23.October.2021: Radio production of Sarah Nemtsov's "Roses for my Funeral" at WDR Cologne

01.-04.November.2021: A new music theatre by Trond Reinholdtsen, the Norwegian Opera and Ensemble Decoder in Hellerau, Dresden

22.November.2021: Lange//Berweck//Lorenz playing Hirano, Giesen, Erel and Lorenz at Theater im Delphi, Berlin 

11.-14.December.2021: A new music theatre by Trond Reinholdtsen, the Norwegian Opera and Ensemble Decoder at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

17.December.2021: Lange//Berweck//Lorenz playing Hirano, Giesen, Erel and Lorenz in Zurich

Please find the latest news and links of Facebook: sebastian.berweck



12.December.2020: Volt zum Anfassen. Die Rezeptionsgeschichte des Analogsynthesizers heute, a feature by Leonie Reineke on German public radio WDR3 features Lange//Berweck//Lorenz

14.September.2020: "Variations II" by John Cage. Version for piano and modular synthesizer at Labor Sonor Berlin

13.09./25.09./27.09./02.10./04.10.2020: "Dark Spring", music theatre by Hans Thomalla in Mannheim

13.September.2020: Concepts of Doing in Herrischried: "Variation II" by John Cage and "Keyboard Study #1" by Terry Riley

11.August.2020: Premiere of "Dark Spring", music theatre by Hans Thomalla at Nationaltheater Mannheim

04.-06.August.2020: Concepts of Doing festival in Berlin: Solos and Duos with Ernst Surberg & Olivia Stahn: Lucier, Schwoon, Kessler, Svensson

04.August.2020: "Cheap Opera #1" and "DW 30" by Bernhard Lang on Austrian public radio ORF

29./30.August.2020: Wojteck Blecharz: Sonata for Keyboard and Tape (premiere) at Radialsystem Berlin

07.July.2020: "Gestern hat's noch funktioniert", a feature by Michael Rebhahn on my research on Deutschlandradio Kultur

08.-14.June.2020: Production of Bernhard Lang's "Cheap Opera #1" with Lange//Berweck//Lorenz

07.March.2020: Concert by Lange//Berweck//Lorenz at Alte Feuerwache Köln

04.March.2020: Concert by Lange//Berweck//Lorenz at Schwankhalle Bremen

29.February.2020: Concert with Lange//Berweck//Lorenz at Villa Elisabeth Berlin

16.February.2020: Le Temps et l'Écume by Gérard Grisey with Hamburger Philharmoniker/Sylvain Cambreeling

07.February.2020: Concert with Lange//Berweck//Lorenz at Eclat Festival Stuttgart: Karen Power (premiere) & Bernhard Lang

20.January.2020: Concert with Ensemble Lux:NM in Budapest

16.-18.January.2020: "Stadt (Land Fluß)" by Kötter/Seidl at Mousonturm Frankfurt

23.November.2019: Performance with Lange//Berweck//Lorenz and compositions for synthesizertrio by Bernhard Lang (premiere), Malte Giesen (premiere) and Kirsten Reese (premiere) at Villa Elisabeth Berlin

17.November.2019: Performance with Kammerensemble Neue Musik playing Hannes Eisler's "Kammersymphonie op. 69" at Alten Oper Frankfurt

28.-31.October.2019: Research stay in Chiavary, Italy to see a perfectly restored Novachord by Laurens Hammond

05.Oktober.2019: Production of Mathias Monrad Møller's "Ich seh sie, sobald ich im Vorraum steh" for baritone und piano at RBB Berlin

27.September.2019: "Piano Hero #1" by Stefan Prins and Terry Riley's "Keyboard Study #1" as part of the music theatre festival BAM! at Volksbühne Berlin

15.September.2019: Steve Reich's "City Life" at Heimathafen Neukölln

Research grant "Neue Musik und Klangkunst 2020" of Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa for "Alte Musik für Synthesizer/Notation für Synthesizer"

Babybreak April - October 2019

18.May.2019: Presentation of the Steingraeber Transducer Grand Piano at Musikschulkongress 2019 at bcc Berlin

28.April.2019: Vernissage of "Follies für Fontane" by Frank Becker at fontane.200 festival

28.April.2019: Excerps of Sarah Nemtsov's music theatre "Sacrifice" at Oper Halle are now online

16.April.2019: Playing Morton Feldman's "Variations" at Volker Straebel's 50. birthday at Börnestudios Berlin

10.April.2019: The video re-performance of Dick Raaijmaker's "Intona" in Dublin

07.March.2019: Premiere of Sasha Waltz' production "Rauschen" with "Stries" by Bernard Parmegiani at Volksbühne Berlin.

03.March.2019: Broadcast of Malte Giesen's piano concerto on rbb Kultur

01.February.2019: Recording of Frank Becker's "Follies für Fontane" at Hansa Studios Berlin

31.January.2019: Final mix of Bernard Parmegiani's "Stries" at Robbie Moores Impression Recordings

21.January.2019: "Concerto for hyperreal piano and orchestra" by Malte Giesen with DSO Berlin/Michael Wendeberg at Ultraschall Festival Berlin

18.January.2019: Bernard Parmegiani: "Stries" for three synthesizers and tape and Johanna Beyer: "Music of the Spheres" for three electronic instruments with Lange//Berweck//Lorenz at Ultraschall Festival Berlin 

05.-09.December.2018: Production of "DW30 - Loops für Klaus Schulze" for three synthesizers by Bernhard Lang in Berlin

24./25.November.2018: Farfisa Matador, Yamaha YC-25D, church organ and Melodion in "Fünf Räume - Sieben MusikerInnen" by Alan Hilario in Ulm

04.November.2018: Oscillations I by Martin Lorenz at DEGEM concert at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig

31.October.2018: Premiere of Concerto for hyperreal Piano and Orchestra by Malte Giesen with Wiener Philharmonikern/Cambreling at Wien Modern

17.October.2018: Jagoda Smytka and Enno Poppe in Graz

16.October.2018: Jagoda Smytka and Enno Poppe in Vienna

26.May.2018: A new music theatre by Thierry Tidrow to be premiered with Ensemble Lux:NM

10.May.2018: Györgyi Ligeti: Études premier livre at Planetarium Berlin

21.April.2018:"Untergrund und Improvisation" at Akademie der Künste Berlin

28.March.2018: Trios for Synthesizer by Parmegiani and Pousseur in Brussels

26.February.2018: Premiere of "DW30 Loops for Klaus Schulze" for 3 synthesizer at Musiques d'aujourd'jui in Luxembourg

04.February.2018: "Vice Versa" by Elaine Radigue at "Nothing until now!!"

02.February.2018: stock11 night concert at Eclat Stuttgart with Daniel Gloger, Marc Lorenz Kysela, Martin Schüttler

31.January.2018: Premiere by Malte Giesen at Eclat Stuttgart with Ensemble Mosaik

27.January.2018: "Vice Versa" by Elaine Radigue at "Nothing until now!!"

26.January.2018: Vernissage of "Nothin until now!!" by stock11 at Eclat Stuttgart. Performance of "Intona" by Dick Raaijmakers

18.-20.January.2018: "Stadt (Land Fluss)" by Kötter/Seidl in Mousonturm Frankfurt

18.January.2018: The Love Triangle Cover Band (Andrea Neumann, Martin Lorenz & Sebastian Berweck), Geheimer Salon, Mousonturm Frankfurt

16.-19.November.2017: Premiere of "Stadt (Land Fluss)", music theatre by Kötter/Seidl in Sophiensälen Berlin

20.October.2017: Premiere of "Archaic Pieces" by Øyvind Torvund at Donaueschinger Musiktagen

30.September/1.+3.October.2017: Premiere of "FinsterHERZ oder Orfeo17" by Helmut Oehring with Kammerakademie Potsdam/Manacorda

16.August.2017: Grisey at Salzburger Festspiele with ORF RSO Wien/Pascal

25.June.2017: "Six Encores" by Luciano Berio at Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci

24.June.2017: Premiere of "Hinterhalt Boris", music theatre by Andrej Koroliov at Deutsche Oper Berlin

18./22./23.June.2017: "Sacrifice" by Sarah Nemtsov at Oper Halle

09.May.2017: "Daddy, Mommy / Life was Like a Box of Chocolates / No Regrets" by Or Shemesh at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig

11.April.2017: Adrian Schmidt: "Der Marburger Konzertverein Trugschluss" on Deutschlandradio Kultur

25.March.2017: "The lightest words..." by Kirsten Reese on the occasion of "Good Vibrations. Eine Geschichte der elektronischen Musikinstrumente" at Musikinstrumentenmuseum Berlin

9.March.2017: "GAMEBOY" by Jagoda Szmytka at trugschluss in München

5./7./8./11.March.2017: Premiere of "Sacrifice" by Sarah Nemtsov at Oper Halle
04.February.2017: Roundtable Diskussion on "Konzeptualismus" on the occasion of Glissando #29

February.2017: Nominated for the Prix Ars Electronica 2017 in the "Digital Musics and Sound Art" category

23.-26.January.2017: Mix of the stereo version of Parmegiani's "Stries" at ZKM Karlsruhe

23.January.2017: "Du bist echt Fashion. Dresscode Neue Musik" by Julia Mihaly on SWR2

17.January.2017: Interview with Urs Heckmann for

03.January.2017: "(Über)Anstrengung. Interpretation an der Grenze zur Machbarkeit" by Julian Kämper on Deutschlandradio Kultur

21.December.2016: Recording of "The lightest words..." by Kirsten Reese on the Fairlight CMI Digital Synthesizer with Seth Josel (electric guitar) at Deutschlandradio Kultur

01.-05.December.2016: "Die Irrfahrten des Odysseus" by Ole Hübner at Deutsche Oper Berlin

24.November.2016: "Kredit" by Kötter/Seidl at Wien Modern. Find here the trailer

17.November.2016: George Crumb at the newly renovated planetarium Berlin. The score is being projected on the dome.

08.November.2016: A text about teaching in Darmstadt in "Die Musikpädagogik bei den 48. Internationalen Ferienkursen für Musik 2016" by Jana Rothe

24.September.2016: musik21 Festival in Lüneburg with Neues Ensemble Hannover and works by Stockhausen and Lege. Here a photo.

10.September.2016: "Rad" by Enno Poppe with the Ensemble Mosaik at Klangspuren Schwaz

11./12.August.2016: "Tolerance Stacks" by Annesley Black in Zentralstation Darmstadt as part of the Ferienkurse as well.

09.August.2016: ´╗┐Broeckaert-Berweck-Lorenz play Parmegiani and Murail at the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt

03.-06.August.2016: Teaching "Live-Electronic Performance Practice" at the Internationale Ferienkursen für Neue Musik Darmstadt. Here a nice movie dazu.

01.August.2016: "Live-Elektronik zwischen Bricolage und Professionalität" in Darmstädter Beiträge zur Neuen Musik 23

13.June.2016: "Gestern ging's noch. Über die Tücken der Elektronik" by Michael Rebhahn on SWR2

29.April-01.May.2016: Playing synthesizer with the Philharmonischen Orchester Cottbus in Stücken in works by John Adams

17.April.2016: stock11 at Umlaut in Heimathafen Neukölln

08.April.2016: Broeckaert-Berweck-Lorenz play Parmegiani, Murail and Kyriakides at the 6. Dni Muzyki Nowej in Gdansk

25.März.2016: Playing "Vexations" by Eric Satie for nine hours nonstop on Good Friday at St. Elisabeth-Kirche Berlin

21.-24.March.2016: Recording of Bernard Parmegianis "Stries" at ZKM Karlsruhe

15.March.2016: "Reviving Parmegiani's Stries. Translation of historic analogue works into the digital domain" in eContact! 17.4

15.March.2016: "Maierhofs Pausen. Interpretation in der Neuen Musik" by Hannes Seidl on SWR2´╗┐´╗┐

15.February.2016: "Ein Schatz geht verloren. Das live-elektronische Repertoire" in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

05.December.2015: Vernissage of "Doppelzimmer" with GAMEBOY by Jagoda Szmytka. Here some photos davon.

28.November.2015: Playing at the National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) in Warsaw. Works by Muntendorf, Szmytka, Kudirka, Steen-Andersen, Maingardt and Riley. Here's the video of the concert

28.November.2015: Talk "Decay and Ressurection - Working with electroacoustic scores" at NInA Warsaw

15.November.2015 An interview with Izabella Smelczynska for the National Audiovisual Institute (NInA)

03.October.2015: Concert with the Ensemblekollektiv Berlin at the Akademie der Künste Berlin. Works by Bernhard Lang and Iris ter Shiphorst

02.-14.October.2015: "Die Irrfahrten des Odysseus" by Ole Hüber at Deutschen Oper Berlin. Here's the trailer.

26.September.2015: Talk "Musikdistribution" at the German Society for Electroacoustic Musik (DEGEM)

25.September.2015: "LOST", a music theater by Jagoda Szmytka with Frauke Aulbert, Sebastian Berweck and the Decoder Ensemble. Here are many videos

08.September.2015: inside piano program at the "Unerhörten Musik" with works by Saunders, Maierhof, Streich, Ruffoni and Verasson

21./22.August.2015: Concepts of Doing Festival 2015 with Daniel Gloger and works by Steen-Andersen, Walshe and Maierhof

12.July.2015: "The lightest words..." by Kirsten Reese at the "Heroines of Sound" festival in Berlin

23.June.2015: Talk on "Teaching contemporary music in the piano class" at the Matrix Institut in Leuven/B. Here is some of the material:

12./13.June.2015: Performance of "Die Aufführung" by Herbordt/Mohren with music by Hannes Seidl at the Impulse Theater Festival Mülheim

01.Juni.2015: "Is performance political? An interview with pianist Sebastian Berweck" by Jade Conlee in Blatt 3000

23.Mai.2015: Gameboy by Jagoda Szmytka in Frankfurt

20.Mai.2015: Book presentation by Tilman Baumgärtel: "Schleifen. Zur Geschichte und Ästhetik des Loops" with workd by Riley, Glass and Arcangel in qm Berlin

15.Mai.2015: Symposium on Dick Raijmakers in Den Haag

23.April.2015: Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg: Festival Aktuelle Musik 015. Works by Szmytka, Gahn and Tutschku

18.April.2015: "Structure-born Noise" by Martin Lorenz on soundcloud

18.April.2015: Gunter Lege and Karlheinz Stockhausen with the Ensemble Schwerpunkt in Hanover

15.April.2015: Release of "Alvin Lucier: Broken Line" by Trio Nexus (Erik Drescher, Sebastian Berweck, Martin Lorenz) on Mode Records

26./27.March.2015: Kredit by Seidl/Kötter at Maerzmusik Berlin

6.February.2015: Voyages au bout du piano at the Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent with Elisa Medillina and Frederic Croene. Ablinger, Armstrong, Wenk, Kreidler, Saunders, Croene, Poppe, Grebtschenko, Beil, Riley, Murail, Lucier

04.Februar.2015: Indirectly at IRCAM: (von 37:38)

25.January.2015: Parmegiani at Acousmonium, GRM Paris

22.January.2015: Nemtsov, Aperghis and Billone as guest of the Ensemblekollektiv Berlin at Ultraschall 2015

15.January.2015: Release of the live recording of Alles muss raus. by Hannes Seidl

01.Januar.2015: Participating in "Personal Data" by Maximilian Marcoll

18.December.2014: Merelbeke/Belgien: PXP#3 together with Frederik Croene with videos by Kreidler and compositions by SzmytkaMuntendorfMcLaughlin,DaoustGlover including a world premiere by Alexander Sigman

05.December.2014: Kulturhaus Helferei Zürich: Parmegiani

25.+26.November.2014: ZKM Karlsruhe piano+ - Festival: world premiere of Jagoda Szmytka: "Gameboy" und Parmegiani, Pousseur, Lorenz

19.November.2014: Parmegiani und Lorenz, Gare du Nord Basel

18.November.2014: Parmegiani, Pousseur und Lorenz, Walcheturm Zürich

15.November.2014: Theaterhaus Stuttgart, attacca-Festival: First performance after 30 years: Bernard Parmegiani's "Stries" for tape and three synthesizer (Colette Broeckaert, Martin Lorenz, Sebastian Berweck); first performance of  Kirsten Reese "The lightest words had the weight of oracles" for electric guitar and Fairlight CMI digital synthesizer (Seth Josel, Sebastian Berweck)

13.November.2014: Discussion at Berghain Berlin on Treue und Verrat der musikalischen Interpretation with Berweck, Bhagwati, von Boris, Kreidler and Stiebler. Chair: Lydia Rilling

11.November.2014: Portrait concert Charlotte Seither in Osnabrück with Angela Postweiler

26.October.2014: birthday concert Harrison Birtwistle with the Neues Ensemble Hannover

23.+24.August.2014: Concepts of Doing: UA of "Structure Born Noise" by Martin Lorenz and a new version of "Paraboles-Mix" by Henri Pousseur

09. August.2014: Kunsthalle Darmstadt: Prins, Muntendorf, Riley, Thibault and Maingardt

02.-09.August.2014: teaching performance of live-electronic music at the Darmstädter Ferienkursen für Neue Musik

15.May.2014: Review of "sais." by Klaus Lang in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

06.May.2014: Trugschluss #1 at the Atelier der Bildenden Künste Marburg: Prins, Muntendorf, Riley, Thibault and Maingardt

25.+26.April.2014: Grisey: Talis at the Orangerie Herrenhauses and the Akademie der Künste Berlin with the Neuen Ensemble Hannover

8.-14.April.2014: DSP 63.1 in Essen, Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen and Köln. World premiers for piano, keyboards and electronics by Simon Ole Andresen, Daniel Verasson, Haoyu Yuan, Anton Wassiljew and Sergej Maingardt

29.March.2014: The Digital Score final concert at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts in Sussex: world premieres by Mick Feltham, Rob Canning and Danny Bright

7.+8. February.2014: Éclat-Festival Stuttgart with world premieres by Martin Schüttler: Meuten and Peter Gahn: Nachtsicht (version for orchestra, speaker and live-electronics

25.January.2014: The Digital Score project in Sussex

14.December.2013 Cuba Münster: Nachtsicht and other pieces for speaking live-electronics player by Gahn/Schablewski, Ligeti and Ravel

10.December.2013 Brigitta Muntendorf: Public Privacy #2 Piano Cover, Konzertsaal, Universität Marburg

03.December.2013: Liedertafel Berlin: Nachtsicht and other pieces for speaking live-electronics player by Gahn/Schablewski, Ligeti and Ravel

27.-29.November.2013: ZKM Karlsruhe: piano+ Festival with premieres by Bernhard Lang (UA), Yves Daoust (EA), Alvin Lucier, Brigitta Muntendorf (UA), Richard Festinger (EA), Katharine Norman (EA)

23.November.2013: 50 Jahre Kassettenrekorder. Happening with Thomas Wenk in Freiburg

15.+16.November.2013: Mousonturm Frankfurt: Kredit Musiktheater by Hannes Seidl/Daniel Kötter

18.-20.October.2013: Conference Notation in Contemporary Musik: Composition, Performance, Improvisation Goldsmith University, London. Paper: "Notation of Live-Electronic Music – The recipient’s side"

12.October.2013: Stefan Prins: Piano Hero #1 DeGeM-Jahresversammlung Hannover

5.+6.October.2013: Steirischer Herbst: Kredit music theatre by Hannes Seidl/Daniel Kötter

4.-6.October.2013: Book presentation at the Noise in Music Conference Huddersfield

1.October.2013-15.Februar.2014: teaching music theory, organology and electronic music at the Philipps-Universität Marburg 

22.-24.August.2013: concepts of doing - Festival Zeitgenössische Musik  with works by Nicolaus A. Huber, James Saunders and Terry Riley

15.July.2013: PhD Award Ceremony, University of Huddersfield

30.June.2013: works by Grisey and André with the Neuen Ensemble Hannover at Kloster Loccum

22.June.2013: Riley, Festinger, Thibault and Wenk at the photography exhibition by Colette Broeckaert, Aalst/Belgium

16.June.2013: Nachtsicht by Gahn/Schablewski and Igaluk by Dominic Thibault at the Hörkunstfestival 2013

08.June.2013: The Digital Score Projekt in Sussex

04.June.2013: Lecture on Piano Hero #1 by Stefan Prins, Universität Hildesheim

31.May-01.June.2013: Made in Düsseldorf and other works for speaking live-electronics player by Gahn/Schablewski, Ligeti and Ravel

29.-30.May.2013: Production of Smooche de la Rooche II by Annesley Black at the Deutschlandfunk Köln

26.May.2013: Studie für Klavier, Audio- und Videozuspielung vbyJohannes Kreidler, Alte Feuerwache Berlin

15.May.2013: Lecture Kolloquium Medienkultur, HU Berlin

14.May.2013: lecture Kolloquium Audiokommunikation, TU Berlin

11.May.2013: stock11 at Acht Brücken Köln

01.May.2013: Bernhard Lang: DW16e at Baustelle Songbook. Arbeit am Lied at Konzerthaus Berlin

22.April.2013: The Digital Score project, Goldsmith University London

16.April.2013: A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence? Paper at the Improvisation and Digital Arts Festival (IDAF) Conference, Kingston University London

21.February.2013: Artistic Experimentation in Music: Cooperation and Collaboration between Performer and Composer in Electroacoustic Music, Paper at THE (RE)SOUNDING EXPERIMENT - Traces, Faces and Spaces of Artistic Research Conference, Orpheus Instituut Gent

29.-31.January.2013: Production of "Studio" by Hannes Seidl and Daniel Kötter

14.January.2013: Wheel of Fortune by Orm Finnendahl, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

07.January.2013: University of Huddersfield: Poppe, Schielein, Thibault, McLaughlin, Prins

19.December.2012: Production of "moving in / love song / city front garden with old men" with Daniel Gloger at ZKM Karlsruhe (sound engineer: Sebastian Schottke)

5.December.2012: Wheel of Fortune by Orm Finnendahl, Musikhochschule Freiburg

21.-23.November.2012: piano+ Festival ZKM Karlsruhe: Tutschku, Schwoon, Thibault, Cage, Gahn, Risset, Schielein

16.-18.November.2012: pgnm-Festival Bremen. Maierhof, Cage und Prins

10.November.2012: Karlheinz Stockhausen "Kontakte", St. Michaelis, Hildesheim

10.November.2012: Das Altern der elektroakustischen Musik, paper at the Musik 21 Festival √Musik = Energie2 Festival, Universität Hildesheim

07.November.2012: Trio Nexus: Jump! at Konzerthaus Berlin: Walshe, Black, Chippewa (UA) and Ogiermann

7.September.2012: splitting 16 und 28.1 von Michael Maierhof at concepts of doing

9.-11.July.2012: CD production Alvin Lucier with the Trio Nexus at Deutschlandradio Kultur

30.Juni-04.July.2012: CD production Benjamin Lang/Julia Deppert

23.May.2012: Brümmer, Kreidler and Riley at the Holmfirth Film Festival

26.April.2012: Nono, Seidl and Marcoll in Wiesbaden

19./20.April.2012:  Production CD Klaus Lang at Radio Bremen

20.March.2012:  "Why-Because-Analysis", paper at the Huddersfield Research Forum

17./18.March.2012: Production "Bifurcations in a continuous system" by Scott McLaughlin

23.February.2012: Messiaen at the Wildlife Sound Archive of the Museum für Naturkunde. A concert of the Berlin Society of Contemporary Music

27.January.2012: Ultraschall-Festival: "Jardin Perdu" by Ondrej Adamek. Live broadcast on Deutschlandradio Kultur  

19.January.2012: Trio Nexus plays "For Philip Guston" at klub katarakt 33 in Hamburg

16.January.2012: Selected Ligeti-Etudes at Musikclub Konzerthaus Berlin

17.December.2011: Netzwerkausklang of the Kulturstiftung des Bunders. From the "Berweck Songs" by Joseph Kudirka: Sebastian Berweck plays the Keyboard 

12.December.2011: 2 x hören at Konzerthaus Berlin. Györgyi Ligeti: Etudes pour piano - premier livre -. With a very nice trailer in German.

23. - 25.November.2011: Imatronic/piano+ festival at ZKM Karlsruhe with works by Michael Beil, Terry Riley, Orm Finnendahl, Enno Poppe, Maximilian Marcoll and Hans Tutschku

15.November.2011: "Common misconceptions in the music business", paper at Huddersfield Research Forum

6.November.2011: Baustelle Mussorgsky with the "Pictures of an Exhibition" at Konzerthaus Berlin

27.October.2011: The Huddersfield Boygroup: Nine premieres for piano, electronics, keyboards and sampler by McLaughlin, Isaacs, Kudirka, Coleman, Glover, Allison, Evanoff, Ruffoni and Tucker

20.August.2011: With Daniel Gloger on a truck in Hannover at the Musik 21 Festival Hannover. Works by Rihm, Bauckholt, Strasnoy and Schöllhorn

31.July.2011 - 05.August.2011: ICMC 2011 with works by Gentilucci, Salvail, Bloland, Oliveira, Weymouth and a short paper on the tactile feedback pedal (with Tychonas Michailidis)

23.July.2011: Live-electronics in music for a a performance by Orvind Torvund, Berlin

18.July.2011: Production "Move" by Ludger Brümmer for tape, video, live-electronics and live-video, ZKM Karlsruhe

February - October 2011: Masterclass Contemporary Piano Music at Musikschule der Landeshauptstadt Hannover

Guest editor of eContact! 13.2 — Keyboard + Live EA: The Performer’s Perspective

30.March.2011: Live recording of at Ultraschall on WDR

24.March.2011: Live recording of at Ultraschall part II on Deutschlandradio Kultur

18.March.2011: Ligeti Etudes, premier livre and works for flute and piano in Reutlingen 

17.March.2011: Live recording of at Ultraschall Teil I on Deutschlandradio Kultur

17.March.2011: Paper, round table and concert including Riley, Finnendahl, Poppe, Kreidler and Brümmer at ZKM Karlsruhe

16.March.2011: Trio Nexus: Ogiermann and Dror Feiler in Frankfurt

15.March.2014: Review of "No Use in a Centre" by Annesley Black in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

14.March.2011: Ligeti, Finnendahl, Scelsi, Schüttler und Festinger in Huddersfield

27.January.2011: at Ultraschall

23.December.2010: Live recording of the concert at the Klangwerktage part II on Deutschlandradio Kultur

16.December.2010: Live recording of the concert at the Klangwerktage part I on Deutschlandradio Kultur

28.November.2010: extended piano on WDR 3 open: Studio Neue Musik

27.November.2010: Farben der Frühe by Matthias Spahlinger at Hamburger Klangwerktagen

09.November.2010: Taurus CT-600 and Recordame by Thomas Wenk on Deutschlandradio Kultur

05. November 2010: at Klangwerkstatt 2010

02.November.2010: Incises by Pierre Boulez in Großen Sendesaal Hannover. Live recording NDR

23.October.2010: Collaborations in Practice Led Research in Leeds

October.2010: Interview for the premier edition of Seiltanz. Zeitschrift für aktuelle Musik

26.September.2010: Nono and N.A.Huber at Staatsoper Hannover

16.September.2010: at Schloß Ludwigsburg

06.August.2010: Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin at Arcana Festival St. Gallen

22.July.2010: Excerpts of extended piano on Deutschlandradio Kultur

15.June.2010: Review of "" in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

15.Juni.2010: Review of "Extended Piano" in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

11.May.2010: Extended Piano The pianist and performer Sebastian Berweck. Portrait on Deutschlandradio Kultur

11.May.2010: Portrait on

15.April.2010: McLaughlin, Korte and Bach in Huddersfield

04.February.2010: taped & low-bit by Martin Schüttler at Deutschlandradio Kultur

15.January.2010: Review of "Musik für übers Sofa" by Hannes Seidl in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik